Anking step1 shared deck from ankiweb

I recently downloaded the anking step 1 card set from the ankiweb shared decks but am missing all the media for cards which is over 30,000 media files when I do a media check on anki. I have tried searching for answers on this but can not seem to find any short of having to pay for the ankihub subscription and downloading them this way. Not only does it show missing media in

my anki app on my desktop but also on anki web in the picture I have attached.

Is that this one –

It only came with 139 images.

Since AnKing distributes their decks through their own subscription service, I suspect this is an old version of a deck that someone re-shared without the images. If you want that deck, you should get it directly from AnKing.

yes its that one I was not sure if there was a deck on ankiweb that I could import without having to pay the ankihub subscription to get ankings deck.

As a baseline policy, AnkiWeb won’t host pirated material – so you’re unlikely to find that.

[I can only assume the deck you found either (a) doesn’t qualify as pirated material because it only includes the medical facts, not the more significant substance, or (b) hasn’t been noticed yet.]