AnkiMobile Suggestion: editor undo ⟲ button, long press to toggle cloze mode […] ⇶ [➊], long press F✘ to remove cloze [✘::]

A few practical suggestions for mobile editor:

  1. Add undo button ⟲ to card editor toolbar equivalent to control+z. Long press button performs redo ⟳ equivalent to ctrl+shift+z. I think most users would use frequently when only using touch screen. Button should be visible by default, shifting record button right. Alternatively, a swipe left to undo and swipe right to redo would be dope.

  2. Many if not most users prefer to use only c1 when creating clozes. Long pressing the icon in editor toolbar could toggle […] ⇶ [➊] and then tapping the button would create only [c1]. Cloze mode should be remembered as default when returning to the editor until manually toggled again.

  3. Add feature so long pressing the remove formatting button removes cloze wrapping [✘::] . If text is selected, it would only remove from selected text. Otherwise, it would remove all clozes from card.

  4. Tapping the remove formatting button when no text is highlighted should remove all formatting from the field in focus. Ideally, this would strip all code except for
    line breaks and images. I bet most would agree that HTML created by the wysiwyg editor is a hot mess.

Thank you for the suggestions; I’ll bear these in mind for future updates.