Errant blue text after editing Cloze cards on iOS

Typically when reviewing a Cloze card, the revealed text within the {{c1::}} will be blue and bold, and all the other text (in the Text and Back Extra fields) will be black.

However, when I edit a cloze deletion via the iOS app, all of the text in the Back Extra field is now also blue. Is there a way for me to fix that?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this issue. But here’s one example.

Editor view

Card view (after editing in iOS app)

Thanks for the help!

This is likely caused by adding new lines. The computer version was changed to prefer <br> tags which works around this issue, and AnkiMobile will hopefully be updated to use the desktop editor in the future.

Related issue: Prefer <br> over <div></div> in Editor by hgiesel · Pull Request #925 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Thanks! Removing the <div></div> and replacing them with <br> restores the desired formatting. I guess I’ll have to flag those cards to be edited on desktop for the time being.

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