AnkiMobile Beta 2.0.64 (20064.16) - white screen bug when switching between apps

  1. I was adding a card and switched to a different app (the other app is resource heavy app “Complete Anatomy”). I switched back and the screen appeared as in screenshot as blank white. I had to save and click edit again to get the screen normal. This same issue happened when I was on the “about” screen when switching back and forth as well. I am using iPad Pro 2 w/ 12.8” screen and 4gb RAM.

EDIT: 2) Similarly, if I am doing reviews, and I switch to another app, many times when I return to Anki even if only after 30 seconds, the app is no longer on the same review card, but instead has returned to the deck list.

I believe the blank screen is Apple’s web libraries crashing, so unfortunately I’m not sure much can be done about that except perhaps trying to catch it and reload the view.

When you return to the app, do you see the Anki logo appear as the app appears? If so, that implies either the app is crashing when placed in the background, or iOS is terminating the app due to memory pressure. Are there crash logs corresponding to when the app is disappearing?

The anki logo did not appear and the app did not appear to crash. I will check for logs next time it happens. It hasn’t happened in a couple days, so maybe when I restarted the ipad, it cleared the memory issue.