Bug? Empty review screen after returning to app after 5 minutes

iPhone 12 iOS 15.4

While on the review screen I left the app and used mail, map etc, locked and unlocked the phone, waited 20m.

When I open the app again it was still on the review screen as expected, but the contents of the review screen was blank.

To continue study I needed to tap deck button to return to the deck list and then enter the desired deck review mode again

This is unexpected and probably a bug

Expected; when returning to an app after more than a minute or two using different apps I should get one of two experiences:

  1. the exact same view where I left it last. E.g. what safari does. This is what I want most! Best for study.
  2. the main screen/inbox/landing screen. Eg what messages does

Actual: the review screen appears, but it has forgotten what I was reviewing and just shows a blank screen. This is not useful and it makes the app look like it crashed or something.

This is caused by iOS killing the webview when the app is in the background. The current beta version will try to automatically reload it; please let me know if you’d like to try it.


I’m happy to wait until it’s released properly.