Anki Update Has Screwed Up My Planned News

The new Anki update on my iphone has completely screwed up my news. I open and read as a go along then do the anki. Well now one deck has gone on its separate way and does not align with the other decks under my main deck. So now It wants me to do 400 news instead of the 200 that I had set up originally. This is silly. Before my main deck was set to 200 news then i could do 25 from one case and 45 from another case til i hit 200. Now its having me do that with every case besides the one particular one case 537 that now has its own mind wanting me to do 200 news as well.

The v3 scheduler uses limits from the deck you click on, so if you click on a subdeck, the parent limits will not apply. If you wish to impose a total limit of 200 cards on your studies, you’ll need to either click on the top deck, or occasionally go back to the deck list and look at how many cards are remaining for the top deck.

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