Problem with anki subdecks

Hi everyone,

I have created 2 different subdecks one for each semester because I want to limit my daily reviews from the previous semester while keeping up to date with the new semester.

So I put a cap of 50 daily reviews on my semester 1 subdeck, expecting that when I click on the main deck the reviews from semester 1 will also be limited to that number.

For some reason, only on iOS (on computer version I don’t have that problem) it shows me all the due cards without the 50 cap in the main deck.

Anyone knows why?

Thank you!

The 2.1 scheduler only enforces the daily review limit of the deck you click/tap on, not any child limits. So AnkiMobile is actually correct here - the computer version is currently showing the wrong count due to a bug, but should end up revealing the same cards as AnkiMobile does.

It may be feasible to enforce child limits in the future, but for now, you’ll need to tap on each deck separately if you want to have separate limits on them.

Thank you!

Well, correct on the review screen at least :slight_smile: The deck list is misleading, and I’ll fix this in the next update+fix the computer version.