Anki slowed down and no more sound after updating and downgrading

I’ve used Anki for several months everyday with no issues. However, I decided to update it today to 23.12.1 Qt6 and when relaunching I noticed a significant slow down.

When pressing spacebar or clicking to reveal the card’s answer, it takes a few seconds before showing. On some occasions, after restarting the software, showing the answer is instantaneous, but this time, selecting the judgement makes the next card slow to appear.

On top of that, my cards normally include audio files that play when revealing the answer, now they just don’t play at all.

Here is what I’ve tried to do to fix it :

  • Disabling my only add-on, Advanced MPV Player
  • Enabling Minimalist mode
  • On 23.12.1 Qt6, Changing the video driver to Software
  • Using the Qt5 version instead (it also changed the font of my cards)
  • Restarting the computer after updates/downgrades
  • Downgrading to the old version I’ve always used, 2.1.65 Qt6
  • Completely uninstalling Anki and installing that same old version

None of these have worked, even reverting back to the previous version I used ; still slow and without audio files playing.

Thanks in advance.

If your old Anki version is slow now too, that implies the problem is with your collection, or there’s something else running on your machine that is slowing Anki down. Tools>Check Database may help with the former.

Alright, thanks for the info, it seems to work fine now !

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