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Anki 2.1.38 Beta

Hi all,

A new beta is available. Please see the following page for changes and download links:

@dae I previously mentioned that my browser was really slow on 2.1.36. It is even slower on 2.1.37 and 38. It works pretty fast if I actually click the card, but if I use a shortcut or arrows to go to the next card, it has an incredibly slow loading time (even without add-ons)
It’s not always reproducible. Sometimes it loads fine, other times it takes up to 5s to load a card

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Can you confirm the issue goes away if you revert to 2.1.35? One of the other issues you reported was caused by Big Sur rather than an Anki upgrade, so we need to check we’re looking in the right place :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to reproduce slowness when moving up/down a single item, but if I hold down cmd+n it’s really choppy - it seems to be a combination of the editing area being re-rendered for each row change, the asynchronous way edits are saved, and Python performance not being a good fit for the way Qt renders table views.

I had 2.1.30 on my computer and I’m still having that problem on 2.1.30 as well. I think its a Big Sur issue.

Interestingly, I’ve been trying to record it and despite seeing the issue while I’m recording, when I watch the recording it shows up just fine. I have no idea how to interpret that

It sounds like some sort of video driver/graphics bug in either the toolkit or macOS :frowning:

Beta 2 is now available. It would be great if people could let me know how recording voice goes with it compared to previous Anki versions.

I tested it on Windows 10. qtaudioinput seems to work the best: no noise like with qtrecorder and no delay like with pyaudio.

Ah, you were getting noise on your system as well? I couldn’t reproduce that here, but it is interesting to hear that qtaudioinput fixed it for you. Thanks for testing :slight_smile:

Yeah. I first tested beta 1 a bit and didn’t actually notice the noise (though it was there).
But after reading this post I went to test beta 2 and noticed the same noise the poster got there.
Also, having the preferences option in beta 2 to test quickly made the difference clearer.

Beta 3 is now available. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with it - especially with audio recording, and TTS on Windows.

Beta 4 is now available. If no issues are discovered in the next few days, the plan is to release this beta as 2.1.38 without further changes.

Beta 4 has been released as 2.1.38 without further changes. If you encounter any issues, please let us know in a new thread.

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