Anki skipping mature cards for a whole month?

For some reason my anki is skipping all mature cards for a whole month? And is piling all of them up in 30 days time instead of throughout the month. For reference I do my cards every day and average around 500ish reviews. Is anyone else having this issue?

It will be a long day for reviews

What are your scheduling settings?, screenshot your deck options

It just doesn’t make much sense… this has never happened, why would it just skip all matures for a month?

Your Maximum interval might be the cause

The maximum number of days a review card will wait. When reviews have reached the limit, Hard, Good and Easy will all give the same delay. The shorter you set this, the greater your workload will be.

Anking recommends 36500, not 300
New interval is 0,2, not 0

just changed it… Does that mean all of those cards were maxed out at 300 days for an interval?..

is there any way to fix the ridiculous amount of cards that day?

You can try FSRS4Anki Helper

Back up your decks first in case of problems!

for versions <23.10

I played around with it and it made my reviews jump to like 3k+ is this normal?

It is normal as in that’s what happens.

The cards due on that day appear to have been reviewed in a range from 8 months ago to 21 days ago. If you’ve been reviewing consistently, haven’t fiddled with any options in that time, and haven’t used scheduling-related add-ons, I can’t think of a reason why the cards would bunch up like that.

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