Intervals make no sense

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right to it: say a card matured a month ago and hasnt been reviewed since today, then anki would schedule the next repetition in something like 20 days. (proportional growth to the overdue status regardless of cards beeing reviewed or not?)

also sometimes cards remain stuck at a specific interval for quite a few repetitions. I usually use the same (filtered) decks for all cards, so the settings should be the same for all my repetitions, yet there are differences in how cards progress.


Any ideas on what is going on?

Yes: Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a bit vague to say what’s going on.

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I notice that the ease factor is quite low on that card (131%). I would guess that the cards seeming to get stuck is in part caused by that. 3 days times 1.31 is still just 3.91. I don’t know how Anki rounds the intervals, but I suspect that the fuzz factor will also affect it. That is just a guess.

I have one deck where I have deliberately selected a very low ease factor, but I have handled the early intervals by using a longer learning and relearning period. I then graduate my learning and relearning cards for that deck at 21 and 14 days.


Thanks for the screenshot. As @garrettm30 said, 131% is a very low ease factor, in fact it’s the lowest possible. The default start ease is 250%, maybe you want to switch back to that?
However, the interval for review cards is supposed to increase by at least 1 day after rating Good. Which Anki and scheduler version are you using? Did you rule out add-ons?

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Then this does make sense! didn‘t think of that

I am on 2.1.44 and scheduler should be V2. Don’t think it’s addons though

I‘ll try a 250% ease factor for a while then.