Anki skipping learning step

As can be seen in pics, anki instead of showing card after 3 days has set it to 9 days skipping the in between steps. Any guess as to why this is so? Thanks
Interval modifier is 1

Judging from your screenshots, I would say no learning step is being skipped.

The situation you’re facing is probably due to your Graduating interval:

You have a Graduating interval of 10 days. So, after you complete the learning steps (in your case 2 h, 1d), Anki will wait about 10 days before showing the card again.
There is a small degree of randomness, hence the 9 instead of 10 day interval.

To fix this, you could consider either:

  • adding a further learning step (e.g. 2h, 1d, 3d)
  • reducing the graduating interval from 10 days to 3 days

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