Anki prompts that the card is imported successfully, but the card is not there

I use genanki library to generate a anki deck, when i import it to anki, it prompts successfully added, but when there is nohting in anki, i search it in the browser, there is no any card.Anyone can help? Thanks in advance!

Here is my main code:

import inspect
import random
import genanki
import inspect

# Filename of the Anki deck to generate
deck_filename = "prefix_and_suffix123.apkg"

# Title of the deck as shown in Anki
anki_deck_title = "prefix_and_suffix123"

# type of the card model
anki_model_name = "prefix_and_suffix123"

# Create the deck model

model_id = random.randrange(1 << 30, 1 << 31)

style = inspect.cleandoc("""
    .card {
        font-family: helvetica neue;
        font-size: 14px;
        line-height: 200%;

   .cloze {
        font-weight: bold;
        color: blue;
    .box {
            text-align: center;
            margin: auto;

    .examples {
            margin: auto;
            margin-top: 50px;
            text-align: left;
            max-width: fit-content;
            border: solid 0.5px rgb(221, 205, 205);
            padding: 20px;

anki_model = genanki.Model(
        {'name': 'Text'}, {'name': 'Extra'}
            "name": "Cloze Card",
            # question
            "qfmt": inspect.cleandoc("""
                <div class="box">

            # anwser
            "afmt": inspect.cleandoc("""
                <div class="box">

# The list of flashcards
anki_notes = []

def add_anki_notes(note_info):
    anki_note = genanki.Note(
        fields=[note_info, ''],

def write_to_file():
    anki_deck = genanki.Deck(model_id, anki_deck_title)
    anki_package = genanki.Package(anki_deck)

    # Add flashcards to the deck
    for anki_note in anki_notes:

    # Save the deck to a file

    print("Created deck with {} flashcards".format(len(anki_deck.notes)))

You’re not adding any notes to the deck package you’re generating. add_anki_notes is never called in your code.

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It’s also possible that genanki is doing something incorrectly - the best person to ask about it would be its author.

I omitted the card text. I solved this by specify model_type=1(cloze type, default is basic type) when I instantiate genanki.Model().