Anki processing bar appear constantly after every card

I am currently using windows 10 and updated to 23.12.1. i have been having a constant frustrating issue with anki on my laptop where the processing bar appears almost after every card. i checked my database and media, i tried all the troubleshooting guide, i even tried going from q6 to q5 but the issue persists. i also updated from version 23.12 to 23.12.1
Nothing seems to work
what should i do?

Does this happen even when you run without add-ons?
Does this happen if you are using a different (blank) profile?


yes, it happens without add ons and even when using a blank profile

Can you go to Help > About, click Copy Debug Info and paste the text here?

You say it happens with a blank profile - presumably you added some cards to it first so that you could reproduce the issue in review mode? If it happens with a few basic cards and no add-ons active, the only explanation I can think of is that your laptop’s disk is slow, such as a spinning disk, or the computer is busy doing background work.

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