Anki overwrites cards

When I’m editing cards in the browser, Anki sometimes copies the content of one card I looked at and pastes it onto another card that I recently edited while deleting the content of that second card.
I’ve been having this issue for a few month now and I don’t know what to do about it. Even with updating to the lastest version of Anki (I originally used 2.1.15) I still have the same problem.

What exactly do you mean by “content of one card”? Are you editing via the editor I marked in the image?

This is the editor I mean.
The issue happens when I’m using cards with a front and a back side. While the front side is not affected by this problem the back side is overwritten with the backside of another card. As I’m thinking about it now, the back side is the one that I edited and is then being overwritten. It never happened that the front side of a card was overwritten, but I also rarely edit these in the browser after I created the card.

Could you make a short video demonstrating the issue?

I can’t really replicate the issue because it keeps happening randomly, but basically what happens in the editor:

card 1
front side: caption 1
back side: explanation 1

card 2
front side: caption 2
back side: explanation 2

card 3 …

And then I edit a few things in the explanation of these cards and click on some other cards in the same deck (just randomly taking a look at different cards) and when I go back to the same 2 cards from earlier I suddenly have this:

card 1
front side: caption 1
back side: explanation 1

card 2
front side: caption 2
back side: explanation 1

All the other cards stay the same, nothing else has been changed (no settings, I did not close the editor in between or synced the deck etc).

Close Anki then start it again while holding down the shift key to disable add-ons and see if that helps.

Do you mean

  1. disable the add-ons and see if the issue still happens or
  2. restart anki while disabling the add-ons to see if the issue resolves (after it already happened)?

Holding down the shift key when starting Anki disables all add-ons temporarily for the current run.

Close Anki and rerun it while holding shift.

The below message should be shown to you:


I understand that, but should I do it and then use Anki to see if the issue still happens or should I do it afterwards to see if the issue is reversed?

To me, it sounds as if you select a card in the browser, edit its fields (that is, the fields of the corresponding note!), then select another card of the same note and accordingly find the changes you have made (to the note!) while the former card was selected.
I am sorry if I have misinterpreted your depiction. Otherwise, please refer to the manual to learn about the difference between cards and notes.

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You should do it then use Anki and edit some cards to see if the issue still happens.

I now disabled most of my add-ons (the ones that are still active were installed when the issue already kept happening so they likely have nothing to do with it) and will watch if that helps.
Thanks for your help!

That’s possible, I’ll try to avoid that in the future and see if it helps.
Thank you for your detailed answer!

Do you edit Templates ?

I think the cause of this issue actually is an add-on. It’s called “Resize images in editor”.

Someone on GitHub reported the same problem, but it couldn’t be solved so I guess I just have to live without that add-on…

I think that’s a repeating theme with Arthur Milchior addons; the same happened to me when I tried one of his other addons (now no longer availble fortunately). Lost quite a big chunk of my card collection.