Anki not running on linux

i downloaded anki on linux and followed the installation steps but i dont know how to fix the problem

It tells you right there, something to do with, which is probably a shared system library. Figure out how to install that thing and then try it again.

Edit: googled it:
google says if using debian,ubuntu, etc:

apt-get install libnss3

ran that command, this is what happened

um …
two things:
1.) you need to use sudo so:

sudo apt install libnss3

2.) I strongly recommend you don’t use linux if you are in a time crunch. i.e. studying for exams or etc. It will take you far too long to learn everything. Been there done that not fun. If you have the time then great. You should start by first learning how to use the apt package manager to install basic system packages.

a quick rundown (from my imperfect understanding itself):
aptitude wraps apt which wraps apt-get. basically use aptitude or apt
need to use sudo to get superuser privileges to install packages to system directories: so sudo apt etc
basic commands to apt are install, remove, update, upgrade, autoremove, search, info
install, remove, search should be self-explanatory, i.e. sudo apt install/remove/search/info {packagename}
update lets your system learn what packages are even available so always run this command first before any other commands
upgrade is how you upgrade your system to the latest versions of all packages you have installed
forget autoremove. not essential and not sure if I can explain it properly

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Also, try

man apt

man stands for manual and you can prefix any bash command with it to pull up the manual on that topic

thank you very much for your help, i am now able to use anki on my chromebook. i see this in terminal when i run anki should i just ignore it, is it fine

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Should be fine, but if it crashes, report here or in a new post

Btw, do you experience this problem?
Anki chromebook Copy/pasting image doesn't work

thanks, for this image thing what i did was went into the files app and copied the image into my linux files, then i pressed the clip button when making the deck and the image came up

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