Anki not recognizing my streak

Hello. Sorry for my english, since it is not my first language.

Ankidroid and PC:
Version ⁨2.1.64 (581f82c5)⁩ Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.3 PyQt 6.4.0

Anki is not recognizing that yesterday (July 28th) I had done repetitions. Because of that, It says that my streak ended and started counting from 1 again.

I did more than 200 repetitions on july 28th.

Things that I did differently recently:

  1. Three days ago I created a Cram deck (Filtered deck that has all my cards).

  2. There is a possibility that yesterday I had not done repetitions on my main deck, but only at the Cram deck.

  3. There is a possibility that I only used ankidroid yesterday. (but I did sync everything, before and after).

Looking at the numbers, what is odd is that the deck that I created 3 days ago (cramdeck, had ~1,000 cards), I had finnished it in 3 days, so about ~333 cards/day.

But looking at the streak screen, it says that:

  • 3 days ago I did 42 cards

  • 2 days ago I did 295 cards

  • 1 day ago I did 0 cards.

Since my main deck (not cram) usually have about 30-40 cards each day, I assume that anki might only be recognising the repetitions on those, at -1 and -3 day. But what about -2 day? Definitly accounting for the cram deck there. Another thing that stand out is that 2 days ago I used mostly my PC anki.

Maybe Anki is not recognizing the repetitions done on the Cram deck at Ankidroid?

I would like some help here about how to fix it, since I did a lot of repetitions on the day that anki says I did not.

For me, the continuous streak is a major motivation to keep going everyday.

Any help is apreciated. Thanks in advance.

anki calendar

Did you change Start of next day in Settings? Default is 4 am. Or did you travel to another time zone? These actions could break your streak.

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