Anki not opening on Windows 10 - version 2.1.58

Every time I click on the Anki app, the blue circle moves round as if to load, but shortly disappears and nothing happens. I have tried the following:

  • restarting my surface
  • troubleshooting the program (which says it is incompatible)
  • updating the software

The only option left seems like uninstalling and redownloading the app, but I don’t have an account and I think it would delete all my flashcards, wouldn’t it? :cry:

You’re probably using an unofficial Anki clone. The supported Anki clients are listed here:

I don’t think so - the app has been working for the past year and only now has stopped opening

This made me think this is some kind of a spinner that Anki doesn’t have, but you probably mean the cursor’s loading circle.

Your data won’t be deleted if you uninstall the app. You can back up your Anki folder to be safe anyway.

If you’re using add-ons, try launching the software while holding down Shift.
If in this case the software opens normally, run the software through the console and upload a screenshot of the message that appears at the bottom of the window when the software freezes.
In the past I had such a problem that an add-on prevented the software from opening (heatmap by percentage)

I have tried opening it with the shift button, but the app still doesn’t open. Thanks though!!

Please try the steps on Startup Issues - Anki Manual

I think I’ve realised what I’ve done - a few days ago I received a notification asking whether I would like to restore recently deleted files on OneDrive…
Realising this must have been some of the old software deleted when updating Anki. Is there a way of finding this and deleting from my files again???

Anki doesn’t store any files in OneDrive. Did you try all of the suggestions on the page I linked above, including the ‘if all else fails’ section?

Found the problem!! Had moved the software to the desktop which was causing the issue. Thank you anyway!

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