Anki not Identifying Duplicates

Hello All,
I’ve restarted Anki, restarted my Mac book Pro Version 10.13, I’ve held down the shift key while initiating Anki as well as attempted to revert to the older Anki Version and all attempts have failed. The most recent version of Anki that I have downloaded Version ⁨2.1.65 for my Mac book is Not at all detecting duplicates. Please Advise. Thank you for any assistance.

Could you please explain what you exactly mean by „not identifying duplicates“ and what you would expect?

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Good evening ferophila,
Thank you for responding to my problem. Say for instance I’m about to create a new flash card. The ‘Front’ of the flash card I type ‘Fox’. Anki will flash red because it has detected that I already created a flash card with the ‘Front’ of the flash card having the word ‘Fox’. Here’s another example. I want to create a whole new flash card. I type on the ‘Front’ of the Flash Card ‘Semantic’. Anki doesn’t flash red. However, when I search my previous flash cards, I’ve already created a Flash Card w/ the word ‘Semantic’ in the Front Facing flash card. Please advise. Thank you for any assistance. Additionally, the style on the previous card and the current cards I’m creating new cards is the same: .card {

font-family: arial;

font-size: 20px;

text-align: center;

color: black;

background-color: white;


Either you have a different notetype selected, or the existing note contains hidden formatting in the first field which prevents it from matching as a duplicate. You can see the formatting with the <> button.

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