Duplicate Check not working in 2.1.35 on MacOS

Since updating to Anki 2.1.35 on MacOS the facility to detect duplicates when adding new cards appears not to work any more. When adding a new card with a ‘front’ field that I know already exists, the field does not glow red or alert me in any other way to the existence of a duplicate entry.

I tried downgrading to the previous version by selecting the “Downgrade and Quit” button, then installed the previous version. However, upon starting Anki after that I receive a dialog box saying that Anki 2.1.35 has been released, but I am unable to click any of the buttons:

I also see the dialog box for Anki to sync but this simply hangs and never ends:


Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Could it be a bug in 2.1.35 which has corrupted the database?

For the update dialog issue:

For the duplicate check issue, make sure that the notes have actually the same note type.
From the manual:

When Anki checks for duplicates, it only compares other notes of the same type. Thus if you add a capital city called “Orange” using the capital city note type, you won’t see a duplicate message when it comes time to learn how to say “orange” in French.

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Thank you. It was the card type that was different. Setting it to the same type does indeed trigger the duplicate warning.