Unable to use "Show duplicates"

Hi everyone,

For quite a while now, I’ve been unable to use the “Show Duplicates” option in old Anki versions with no issue.

I just updated to 2.1.35 and now it shows nothing when clocking on the “Show Duplicates” link.

Anki identifies cards as duplicate, and the first field has a red background, but when I click “Show Duplicates” nothing shows in the browser. The line in the browser is: “dupe:1566139966293,(the duplicate item)”

Any help would be appreciated.

Same issue as “Show Duplicates” not working

Upgrading to the latest version should fix most known issues with Show duplicates.
The issue in the post you linked was fixed in 2.1.36.

There is also another issue fixed recently in 2.1.38beta1.