Anki not appearing in IOS settings

I’m trying to change ANKI settings on the IOS app (Like language and notifications) - but it refuses to show up; I’ve trying re-installing, force rebooting the ipad, but does it not seem to work.

That’s odd that it is not showing up, but there is not much in that menu anyway, just Siri & Search and Cellular Data are the only two settings.

For notifications, you set within Anki.

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Thanks! Messing with the notifications within the app also made it appear on the settings for some reason : p

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I had the same problem, had a moment of panic it not appearing there. This should probably be fixed.

This functionality is handled by iOS, and the fact that the app doesn’t appear until notifications are enabled seems to be an iOS bug.

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I have the same problem. Even my Anki is not using the default language of my iPad (software13,7) which is Portuguese and I can’t find the application among the installed ones to try to configure the language according to the online instruction manual. Can someone help me?thanks

Coincidentally, my iPad is in Portuguese too.

I’m afraid AnkiMobile has not yet been translated into Portuguese. The app store page shows which languages the app has been translated into.