Number of notification never change on ipad

I delete it to redownload but there’s no change about it, and it does not appear in settings.
Is that something wrong about my iPad or my Anki?
Please help, thanks a lot

I had this happen a few days ago. When you redownload the app you have to go onto settings —> notifications—> Anki—> allow notifications
as the settings get reset to default.

Thanks for your reply, I redownload but I can find Anki app under the “notification”, when I enter Anki, there’ no notification like “allow Anki send notification”?
And I also dial Apple Service , they tell me to redownload or relog in my apple store account or restart the iPad or renovate the system , I tried all these means, but it didn’t work.
Maybe there just something wrong with my iPad

Inside AnkiMobile’s deck list screen, please tap the gear/cog, then you’ll find it in Review>Notifications

Problem solved,thanks a lot!