Anki Memory Usage

So I was updating my decks with Anking v8 (med school deck) while on version 2.1.34 (latest stable release). So while the import was happening, RAM usage spiked upto 5GBs and also while I was syncing later on after the import completed somehow. I have encountered this problem several times before while impoting or updating decks on previous releases also. Please help regarding same !

I have a mid way SS provided below :

Something similar happened to me just yesterday on Windows after running the following code in the Debug Console and it seems to start happening with 2.1.29.

from aqt import mw

Anki 2.1.28

Anki 2.1.29

Thanks for the simple repro case, I’ll have a fix for this in the next update.


Dae, one of my friends told me the other day that its still happening, the RAM spike while importing, on version 0.35 , he is on windows.

The importing process loads the content to import into memory, so the larger the file you’re importing, the more memory will be required. The fix in 2.1.35 won’t change that, it just prevents excessive memory usage over time, which was caused by a bug.

Same has been happening for me, even after the .35 update. I wasn’t even importing, the app was idle all this while.

I’m not seeing any memory increase when leaving the app to idle here. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key to disable add-ons and let it sit there - can you reproduce the problem?