Anki kills me! Option for stopping Anki

Anki is very good, but tremendously strict!! There should be an option to stop it for some time/days from repeating words. In case of being sick, away or too busy to revise your vacabulary or whatever you learn, you should have this option.
Or am I wrong and this option exists already and I´m just too ignorant to know? Than please tell me.
Otherwise, could you just add this potion?
Thank you very much.

Please read this to find out why you should not pause your reviews.

Though if you still feel the need to, maybe try this addon: Take a Break - AnkiWeb

I haven’t personally ever used it though.


Thank you very much, just installed the tool, it looks good :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also use the newish Set Due Date feature. The AnKing folks demonstrate the new feature in this video: AnKing. Video opens to spot that covers the Set Due Date.

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