Anki issue. A king deck, wrong card type for what I need

Hi, so I am studying for my MCAT and I have been making my own cards, however unknowingly the card type I have been making them under is a Anking-cloze card type which which uses a sort of blank reveal style (ex. Front: 1 + 1 =… back: 2) however I need to use just a basic card type. Whenever I study these cards it says “zero card deletion” or something basically saying my cards aren’t suited for the card type I have them as. I tried switching them all to basic, but then all the answers got deleted so I had to reset it. If anyone could help that would be amazing.

If your notes have more fields than the default notetypes have, you can go to the manage notetypes screen, clone one of the basic ones, and then add any extra fields you require. Once you’ve done so, you can use Change Notetype to move your existing notes over to that notetype.

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