Anki isn ´t able to see my files to upload them into the system

Hello There,

I have a lot of files on my iPad and Cloud which I would like to also upload to Anki, for using the option with the closed cards on some words.

Unfortunately it´s not possible to upload my files to Anki. I have to take Screenshots of EVERY File to upload it over the Photoalbum function.

That is very uncomfortable and takes a lot of time! I would like to know, why it´s not possible for me to upload my files to Anki…

What’s the format of the files? PDF?

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If you want to import information into Anki, it needs to be in a format that Anki recognizes. Text Files - Anki Manual

Even if Anki can read the text in a pdf, it doesn’t know where you want to put any of it.

The attach button can attach various kinds of images. PDF is actually a document format, not an image format, so I’m afraid it can not be attached directly. If you have a large number of .pdf files, you may be able to find a third-party program that can bulk-convert them into images.

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