Anki is stating my daily limit has been reached but i haven't studied today

I started using anki properly yesterday and reviewed cards as normal. When I went on the app again today to study it is saying ‘there are more cards available but the daily limit has been reached’ and therefore I am not able to study. It is also saying I have daily stats when I have not been on the app today. Does this mean there has to be at least 24 hours before study periods? How do I fix this as I don’t consistently study at the same time every day!

many thanks!

Go to the deck options using the gears icon to the right of the deck and make sure the New Cards/day limit is not set to 0. Check the ‘Maximum reviews/day’ limit in the Reviews tab too.
You can alternatively just click Restore Defaults if you don’t have any settings you don’t want to lose.

Also, go to Tools > Preferences, in the Scheduling tab, make sure that the Next day starts at is set to something reasonable.

From the manual:

The Next day starts at option controls when Anki should start showing the next day’s cards. The default setting of 4AM ensures that if you’re studying around midnight, you won’t have two days’ worth of cards shown to you in one session. If you stay up very late or wake up very early, you may want to adjust this to a time you’re usually sleeping.


The tools - preferences worked! Thanks so much!!