Anki intervals considering a new day

Hey everyone,

I have two questions about Anki’s intervals depending on new days.

  1. If I pick a 1d Good interval (defined by 1440 minutes) does Anki really wait 1440 min or does it wait till the new day begins. I found out that if I pick a 12.1h interval (Hard Interval) Anki really waits the given time (considering there is not the beginning of a new day in between). Also, if I pick Good or Hard just several minutes before a new day starts for Anki, it seems to just wait until the minutes are over. However, answering a card 45 Mins before the new day starts (1am for me) the cards (both 12.1 h or 1 d) get reset.
  2. E.g.: I set the beginning of a new day as 4 h after midnight. And lets say the next day is 24th of July, I get the new cards at 24th of July 4 am. But before 4 am I also already get the cards which are due on 24th. To make it more weird: the addon “deck and card info sidebar during review” marks cards from 23th overdue after midnight…
    However, on 24th of July (even after 4am) Anki still uses the “normal” algorithm (interval * ease * interval modifier) and not the overdue algorithm ( Good = (interval + floor(overdue / 2)) * ease ), even though the addon marks it as overdue (1d overdue).

So a card due on 23th of July with 3 days interval, 250% ease, 80% interval modifier gets a Good interval of 6 days on 24th of July after 4am. (One day overdue would be a Good Interval of 7 days).

Thank you for reading this in advance, I hope you understand what i wanted to say…

Please post scheduling questions in the scheduling section.

If a learning card’s delay passed over the ‘next day starts at’ point, it is scheduled in days rather than seconds. Cards in learning do not receive any bonus for being answered late.

Ok, I am sorry. I did not know that a Scheduling section exists :frowning:

What about the first question?