[Anki Gamification] Command and Conquer, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000 and Quake 3

Hey all, wanted to share an addon I made that gamifies your reviews using OpenRA, a real time strategy game. I’ve been playing all day now and have completed over 500 reviews without even noticing. Its highly addictive.

The way it works is that I disabled resource gathering in the game. You must complete reviews in order to gain resources.

To install, you have to download the source here and build it. Instructions are in the readme.

Another addon I’ve worked on is for Quake 3.

Its based off the work of lucwastiaux. I’ve added a few improvements and made it work with Team Arena.

Unfortunately these addons were written for Anki 2.0. I haven’t tried it yet in the newer versions as I haven’t had time to upgrade. It shouldn’t be a difficult to make the addon compatible so if you have time, feel free to do so!

Happy Studying!

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