Anki for practicing tunes

I’m looking at Anki to see if it can help with my daily music practice. I need to practice tunes to ensure I don’t lose them, and I was hoping too use Anki to help guide that practice. I need to pop up 5-10 cards/day and then mark them as hard, good, easy, etc. Anki seems more oriented towards flash cards run through a hundred or so at a time. Is there a way to set up the scheduling for the tunes based on the spaced repetition algorithm? I don’t need the same card coming up within a single practice session. Just once a day, and then maybe review the next day or in 5 days orr a month, depending on the algorithm.


A normal Anki card has a front and a back.

The front is usually a question, and the back has the answer.

Or the front could be a line from a song or a poem, and the back would be the following line.

What exactly would be on the front of one of your cards, and what would be on the back?


Doesn’t really matter, as I’m working on the scheduling, here. But tune title (obviously), tune type, and on the back the tune notation (referenced after playing the tune, of course).

Anki will schedule cards based on your answers, and the way it does that doesn’t change whether you introduce 5 cards or 100. The number of reviews that will appear each day depends on how many new cards you introduce over time.

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You can set limits on the number of new cards each day, which will effect the number of cards you have in learning or your memory of which is being refreshed.

You could also limit the number of reviews each day as well. You may find, though, that choosing such an option pushes the reviews out too far — i.e. way out beyond your ideal settings.

Experiment with the settings. There are lots of articles on the web on this topic, as well as YouTube videos.

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