Anki Folder Sizes


I use the desktop version of Anki 2.1.40 and was wondering how big the filesitze of an complete Anki-Folder (including Profiles, decks, media etc.) will gonna be maximum.
I think of course that it depends on the media(size) I use, but lets say I use no audio stuff, only regular jpg pics every now and then in my cards, with which file sitze I would have to calculate if I’m planning to write a script that copies the Anki folder every few days to my personal cloudfolder?
I wanna do that because I think that if I have data loss one day, I want all my cards, settings and stuff be replacable. The Anki Manual suggests to use a script to avoid syncing files via a 3rdpartyservice while they are open, thats why I thought to do so.

I am happy to hear any experiences on ur Anki Folder Sizes in relation to ur amount of cards and maybe for how many years u are using anki.

best regards

Why don’t you look up your current folder size and estimate its future size when you continue to add cards? It is not helpful to know what others store in their folders. As you are concerned about data loss, I would go for a backup solution for all your data, not just Anki (e.g. by using an external harddrive and doing an incremental backup e.g. twice a week).


As of right now, my collection directory is 589.5 MB. Have used Anki for at least 10 years, possibly longer. All I do for data protection is to use the built-in cloud sync and a separate nightly backup to an AWS S3 bucket.

Sorry for late reply and thanks a lot for all ur feedback, which made me think a lot and helped a lot!
Now I am figuring out a good backup strategy, and on my way I was thinking about the tool timeshift on debian, which does a snapshot of my system and specified folders on every system startup.

So as my whole /home folder is screenshotted anyway via timeshift on a daily basis, I would just have to add the anki folder to timeshift, to have a screenshot only of the whole anki folder in separate. Or is this nonsense?

What do u think? my mind is making things complicated lots of times …

best regards!