Maximum size sync

Anki shows an error telling me that I have reached the maximum data size to sync, and have to reduce it to sync.

I have been using Anki for many years, for language learning, medicine and many other topics. Didn’t know there was a maximum data limit.

Your collection file is too large to send to AnkiWeb. You can reduce its size by removing any unwanted decks (optionally exporting them first), and then using Check Database to shrink the file size down. (⁨475492352 > 314572800⁩)

Any way to increase space to syn, even if have to pay? Please!
Dont want to delete decks, or export them, or use another porfie (ankidroid is problemetic for this)

There is currently no way to bypass this limit, AFAIK.

It looks like around 98% of the cards in your collection have never been studied, so you should be able to get within the limit if you locate some of them that you won’t need in the near future, and export+delete them. If you don’t want to do that, I’m afraid you’ll need to set up your own sync server or transfer the files manually. Sync Server - Anki Manual

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