Anki backup is WAY larger than what is actually present

Hey everyone,

So I am using Anki on my Mac and my iPad which are synced, and I have a backup for Anki which is approximately 6.5GB. Now, I have only 1 user for Anki and everytime I export the whole user it gets to 100MB max, so where is this 6.4GB hiding?

I found the media files that are taking the space, but I deleted those decks a long time ago and for some reason the backup is still sitting on my Mac, is there any way to delete those?

Thank you!

Does this interface let you access Anki2 directly?

Anki2 > Backups

Backup folder isn’t that big :frowning:

All of the big files are on the folder, which is weird because I don’t have many of the files in my current decks…
I can’t just delete the folder because my current decks media will also be deleted…

Any clue what to do?

Pardon, thought it was the other way around

Try Tools > Check Media > Deleted unused > Empty Trash

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