Anki files not found when autogenerating cards

I’ve had this problem for a while now and have yet to find a solution so I am curious if anyone else has encountered this issue. I use a python program for automatically generating flashcards. It generates a .apkg file that I load into anki to add new cards. In these cards I embed audio that my script downloads and places in my media folder. For whatever reason though anki will not use the audio files until I edit each card and actually attach the audio. The audio field is populated and the audio button shows up on the card but unless I manually select it the file seems to be invisible to anki.

I’ve tried using check media and check database to force it to recognize the files.
Here is the output from check media
This files exist, in the exact same location as all my other media, and there are cards right now that are using them.

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It’s hard to tell what the problem is without seeing the code or at least having a sample .apkg file.