Anki Due Tomorrow

It said 189 were due today and 5 were passed today.

Then, when today arrived, it said 191 were due. It is always off like this.

So, were 194 due, then 3 related cards were buried? I just checked and that is not the case, it seems the related cards get buried as they come up.

Also, even though I finished studying, it says two cards from yesterday are due.

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The due count shown for tomorrow doesn’t currently include cards that are currently buried.

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Yesterday after finishing all the reviews, it said 5 were buried (passed?), and 189 due tomorrow.

Then today it said 191 due, 0 passed, and 2 due from yesterday.

Are you checking in the deck list or the overview/study screen?

Well, I’m looking at the stats screen now.

All the cards completed.

It says 219 cards are due tomorrow.

In the pie chart it says 6 are passed. I guess those are related, and I guess they will show up tomorrow, meaning there should be 225 cards due tomorrow. We’ll see.

221 were due today

Do you have a particular problem you’re trying to work out, or are you just checking Anki’s math? If there’s a problem, consider talking about that, and maybe someone can help.

There are a lots of factors that you’re overlooking. Do any of these cards have more than 1 sibling? Do any of these cards have siblings that are being buried, but are not yet due themselves (today or tomorrow) or are suspended or are new?

I think if you want to check Anki’s math, you’d at least need an apples-to-apples comparison, like (1) pre-study, how many cards show in the browser as being due today (or overdue) prop:due<=0, (2) post-study, how many cards were studied today that were not New rated:1 -introduced:1 and how many notes have cards that are buried is:buried (toggle to Notes).

Why did it say 219 were due, then 221 ended up actually being due

Probably ^^^.

When I count the buried and add them, the number is still incorrect.

We seem to be going in a circle …

I had 216 cards due today.

I had completed all my reviews the previous day.

It shouldn’t be that hard to display the number 216 for cards due tomorrow.

I think we’ve explained a few times some of the things Anki is/is not counting to come up with that number, and reasons why it can vary slightly from the actual number of cards you will study the next day.

If this variability is bothering you so much you cannot let it go – you’re still not going to be able to find the answer by looking at that one number on that one screen. If you want help putting together some search filters that will help you figure out exactly where that due number is coming from each day in your decks, just say so. I’m sure we can come up with something.

Because sometimes I cannot help myself …

Here is a partial list of the things that I have noticed in the past 2 days that impact the number of cards due “tomorrow” – which you can consider as either the count shown on the Future Due graph for “tomorrow” or the number of actual cards studied “tomorrow” –

  1. Cards due tomorrow that are siblings of cards due/overdue (and studied) today – before I study today, they are included in the count for tomorrow, but after I study they are buried and are not included in the count for tomorrow.
  2. Cards due/overdue today that are buried today because I studied their siblings today – before I study today, they are not included in the count for tomorrow (because they aren’t due tomorrow), after I study they are buried, so still not included in the count for tomorrow. But nevertheless they will be unburied in the morning and overdue at that point, so they will be contenders to be studied tomorrow (even though they never appeared in the Future Due graph today).
  3. Cards that are due/overdue today or tomorrow that belong to notes I have manually buried – like #1 or #2, they may or may not have been included in the count for tomorrow before being buried, but after being buried, they are not included in the cout for tomorrow.
  4. Cards due tomorrow that have siblings also due tomorrow – both/all are included in the count for tomorrow, but only 1 of them will actually be studied tomorrow.
  5. Cards introduced/reviewed today that are now set for their next review tomorrow – before I study today, they are not included in the count for tomorrow, after I study they are included in the count.

Anki thinks about all these things so you don’t have to – but that also means it is impossible for Anki to guarantee you precisely how many cards you will study tomorrow.

If I wake up and it says 181 cards due, and I completed all previous reviews the previous day, then it shouldn’t tell me the previous day that 180 cards will be due. That is a real example.

Yep, that is a real example of #1, #2, or #3 that I already explained. Or, a real example of several things acting together to +/- cards, that ends up with a net of +1.

When I was making my observations to make that list of possibilities for you, I built a little formula (this is a real example) –

Future Due graph shows 61 cards.
My estimate for tomorrow –
59 [the 61 original minus the 2 that were buried because I studied their siblings today]
- 2 [for siblings that are both due tomorrow]
+ 2 [due tomorrow but currently buried]
+ 4 [due/overdue today, and currently buried]
- 2 [of those that will be buried tomorrow, because they have siblings due/overdue tomorrow]
+ 2 [studied today and now due tomorrow, so they are counted in the graph]
+ 1 [from the manually buried note]
= 64 cards

So, you are welcome to do the math yourself and work out exactly how many cards will be due. Or you can just rely on Anki to show you the closest reasonable prediction of the future.

Or Anki could just do the math and tell me how many cards will show up tomorrow

Anki is doing the math obviously, but then there’s this variable, fallable human person that keeps popping up in the middle and being entirely unpredictable [that’s you, or me, or any user]. Anki rolls with a bit of that, and adjusts the forecast for tomorrow as much as it can throughout your day (perhaps you haven’t noticed that?), but not all of it is reconcilable.

So, if you absolutely must have your forecast for tomorrow calculated to within a millimeter, it seems like your options are –

  1. Stop being human.
  2. Stop using great Anki functionality (like sibling cards and burying) that makes tomorrow incalculable.
  3. Do the math yourself.

Or, or, or …
Factor in +/- 5, and enjoy your studying.

Well, there’s a rose in a fisted glove,
And the eagle flies with the dove,
And if you can’t be with the one you love, honey,
Love the one you’re with.

When all reviews have been completed, there is no excuse for Anki to not be able to calculate how many cards will show up tomorrow.

  1. Do the math yourself.

No, Anki can do that.

… again.