Anki doesn't render MatJax formula correctly

Hey! I’m new using MathJax in Anki and there’s one formula which Anki isn’t showing correctly in the review, but if I try to edit it it’s right:



This is the formula I’m using:

 t_s = \frac{\overline{x_1} - \overline{x_2}}{SE_{\overline {x_1} - \overline {x_2}}} 

As you can see, it seems to ignore the first two overlines over the x.

Works here.



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Wow. I’m checking it’s the same card and everything and it is. By the way, it could be something wrong with the Obsidian_to_Anki complement because it’s been directly extracted from there. I wrote the formula in Obsidian in Latex and maybe in the translation it’s not working properly, but the formula I have is okay.

I believe this is a known issue fixed in 23.12+

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Just updated it and now it works perfectly. Thank you so much!

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