Anki doesn’t recognize the sync status

I noticed that the mobile app doesn’t recognize the sync status correctly. Sometimes when sync is needed the sync button is blue. The other time when full sync is needed the sync button is orange. Of course most of the time the color that indicates the sync status is correct but not always.

What steps should I take to reproduce the problem?

I have no idea:(

I added few cards on my iPhone, synced them and switch to the iPad which didn’t show that the sync was needed.
Nonetheless, when I did a sync on the iPad, all newly added cards were available.
Sometimes when I had to perform full sync on the iPhone and switch to the iPad it showed orange instead of the red button. When I pressed an orange button I was asked about sync direction as it was full sync - but the colour indicated it wrongly.

Basically, after the last big iOS and Desktop update which affected sync mechanism the problems started.

AnkiMobile won’t ask AnkiWeb for the status more than once every 5 minutes, so it’s normal for the indicator to not immediately reflect syncs you’ve done on other devices. If you find local changes aren’t being reflected, please let me know the steps I should take.