The green colour of the sync button

In the previous version when sync was needed the button was red/orange. Now it is green.
It’s a very bad indicator because green mostly means “all set and done” while sync necessity is the opposite.
I strongly suggest bringing back old colour:)

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Red is now used to indicate a full sync is required, and yellow is too difficult to read. Maybe orange would work better?

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Personally I can’t see any reasons why it can’t be red in both cases. Especially if full sync requires addition click to choose a direction.

Since full syncs require discarding any changes made on other devices, I think it’s better to alert the user when they are required.

Of course but there is an additional step to confirm. I think the colour itself has nothing special to do here.

I just caught myself few times starting study without sync because green colour deluded me.

The point is to alert the user that they may wish to sync prior to making any changes, since any changes made can’t be merged with other devices.

I will try out orange in the next beta.

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Ahh, now I see your point which is very reasonable.
Another thing is who really know how to interpret this before your explanation :slight_smile:

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Just to add to discussion, I thought that the colour was just stylistic choice or a bug. I didn’t realise theres an extra meaning behind it.

A tooltip might help a little here.