Anki deleting GIFs when closing the App


I am trying to add GIFs from a Website to my Flash Cards. I usually do this using drag and drop from Chrome into the Anki Desktop App. That usually worked for me, even though each time I drag and drop the GIF into Anki I get an “unexpected error 404” and I have to reopen the card. However the GIF usually was properly added to the card.

But since a few days each time I add a GIF to my flash card this way, after closing the App, the GIFs disappear.
I tried downloading the GIF and adding it from my PC instead of drag and dropping it from chrome. However after closing the image was not found by Anki. I check my media folder and it is added in there but Anki does not seem to find it. However it says that I have one missing media file and one unused media file. I tried renaming the unused to the missing however this does not seem to solve the problem

Normally when you drag/paste an image into Anki, it should copy it into your media folder. That doesn’t appear to have happened here; you have links to websites, and the links appear to be broken. To avoid this happening in the future, you could try copy/paste instead. If that does not work with that website, you may need to download the images to your computer, then drag them into your cards.

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