Missing media files

The download my notes from notion and convert them into anki flashcards and usually have no problem with my images showing up on my flashcards. Recently with my new decks the images won’t show up just an icon. I have tried a full media sync and even tried to redownload my flashcards back and sync however my images just continue to be classed as missing media files when I ran a check media in tools. I have tried to tag them but I don’t know how to get them out of missing media and back onto my flashcards. Scoured the internet yet no one addresses this specific issue cohorently :frowning:

How exactly are you creating the notes? Are you using an add-on?

I use the toggle feature on notion to make questions and answers then I convert them into anki flashcards using 2anki . net website which worked fine before. I don’t think it’s an add-on more of a converting website.

Well, perhaps it’s an issue with that site. If you can reproduce the issue using standard Anki features, please let us know the steps required to trigger it.

I thought so too so I stopped using it and uploaded my images and wrote my notes down however, the same issue still occurred. I shows a tiny image icon in place then the image will be classes as missing when I check media. I tried to tag missing from the media section but it says 0 notes updates. Gahhhh I need to use images in my flashcards ASAP so I am really desperate atp. Is this not a common issue??

I don’t think this is a common issue. The icon you mention sounds like you are referencing the images but they are not in the folder. How do you add the images to the notes? If you add them directly from the Add menu or the Browser, they should be added automatically to your collection.

Maybe you can check if the media files are actually in your collection.media folder.

See here: Managing Files - Anki Manual.

Find your profile folder (verify it’s the right one if you have several profiles) and the collection.media folder inside, and try to find the linked images. If they’re not there, there is most probably something wrong with your process, I believe.

I copy them from my notes like I screenshot the powerpoint from my lectures then paste them into anki and they show up when I make the flashcard but when I review them they suddenly disappear. Some of the image icons have the image icon and untitled written next to it in small which I don’t know what that means. What do you mean wrong with your process like the app or how I am pasting images. I use a MacBook if that helps and just updatated to the newest version of anki

I see. I meant with the pasting process. I am not sure what the problem might be. If they are tagged as missing media, then Anki is not finding them in the collection.media folder.

Did you check the collection-media folder to make sure your images are there?

Have you tried attaching the images (clicking the icon) instead of just pasting them?

Can you share your card template to see if there is something going on there?

I think it might be pasting process because I tried to paste a new card right now and an image icon showed up instead of the image I pasted. Yes I checked media and it came up as 54 missing media files and checked database too but the images were not there. How would I share my card template. It’s the usual front and back one I typed a question out front and the image as a question back. Do you press check database to find the collection media folder because I don’t seem to see it. also thank you so much for your help this has been driving me up the wall for days now.

Please, read above, see here Managing Files - Anki Manual to learn how to find the collection.media folder and manually check whether the images are stored there. It should be inside Anki2/[YOUR_PROFILE_NAME]/collection.media


Also, try clicking the clip button and add the image by attaching it instead of pasting to see if that works.


I did that. Decks from last year with images are stored there. The new images I am copying and pasting are stored in media.trash and I don’t know how to get them out of there and back into my decks. Any image I now paste into a card gets immediately stored in media trash however, my old cards in last years decks are fine and I can review them which leads me to belive this is an issue with my anki and not my notes

My flashcards have writing and images to support my anatomy notes. Recently my anki has not been allowing me to view my images on my flashcards and when I checked my media trash folder the images were being automatically put there. The images on my cards last year from decks are in the collection media folder and are unaffected but after updating anki on my Mac this has become an issue. How do I restore my images back onto my flashcards from media trash and prevent this from happening to future cards. The images don’t show up on my iPad or iPhone versions of anki either

There are only two reasons files would be placed in media.trash:

  • because they’ve been removed on another client, and then you synced the changes to AnkiWeb
  • because you’ve used Tools>Check Media, then deleted unused media

Provided you are fully in sync prior to making changes, I can not think of any reason why files would end up there immediately after adding them. Have you disabled all add-ons to rule them out as the problem? What happens if you use Check Media to restore the deleted media files?

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