Anki crashes on iPad when i touch the screen and a card is on “green” (easy)


Is this a universal bug or is it exclusively an issue that occur on this iPad Pro 12.9?
Is it something the developers have to fix or can I do something by myself?
I have done software updates and everything on the iPad so that’s not the problem here.

Bad news is that I can’t even use the decks that have cards reviewed on green (easy category) now because it crashes as soon as the screen is touched, so I’m stuck!

I can only review decks for flash cards on Sanskrit now because I haven’t yet pressed “easy” on any of those. If I do so the deck will be impossible to use again due to the app crashing.

I have Anki on my iPhone and this issue does not occur.


This sounds like it may be an issue with your collection. Does Check Database in the preferences screen help? If not, after ensuring your devices are in sync, please force a one way sync in the iPad’s preferences, then choose “Download”. Does that help?

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It worked! You’re a hero!
The problem was that I wasn’t logged into synchronization.

Thank you so much, I am truly grateful for your response and helping me out!!

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