Anki Add on Help-Updating this Add On


I’ve been trying to reach out to the original anki developer of an add-on that I used. I reached out to the person in 2020, 2021, 2022 and even 2023 and got no response. The add is called More Answer Buttons (Colors Add), it was the best add on that I ever used. I would like to update this add on for the Anki version I have 2.1.42

I have no python experience or software experience. I am willing to hire and discuss fee and payment



Can you explain how you use this plugin, what the benefit is of having more options for setting reviews?

I am interested in supporting Anki development but would want it to be for something I believe has value.

So, for me I like having more answer choices for all my cards: new, review and again. I like controlling when I am going to see that card again. I am doing about 300 to 450 anki cards a day, and don’t want to have piles of cards, so I space them once I know the card well. I may want to see that card a week or 2 weeks or more out, especially if I have mastered the card and the card isn’t hard for me to understand.

You may find “Set due date” useful:

Maybe I can help