Add-on to extend review period?

Hi all. I’ve just updated to the new(ish) Anki and all my add-ons have disappeared. All of the ones I need I have located the code but for the life of me I can’t find the one to extend the review period. The add-on has three extra buttons and for a new card is re-scheduled for about 6 days, then 7-14 days and the third is a month. Is this or similar still available on Anki and can anyone redirect me to the page or advise the code?


you’ll have to change config a bit so it’ll add 3 buttons. (adds 2 buttons by default)
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Thanks for the reply. I added ReMemorize but couldn’t figure out how to add more buttons. I followed the link to GitHub but unfortunately it’s completely over my head so I’m still at a loss. After having read some other comments online, I can’t get why Anki has disabled such a great add-on. Looks like I’ll need to downgrade back to the old versions.

Thanks again.

i don’t think you have to downgrade. i tested it on 2.1.28 and it worked. (was using 2.1 scheduler)

    "allow_lapse_grade": true,
    "button_text_prefix": "R: ",
    "cascade_easy_button": false,
    "disallow_filtered_decks": true,
    "enable_write_access": true,
    "hard_grade_threshold": 60,
    "keep_ease_factor": false,
    "lrn_modifier_buttons": [],
    "new_modifier_buttons": [
    "rememorize_buttons": [],
    "rev_modifier_buttons": [],
    "show_answer_confirmation": false,
    "show_btn_time_in_days": false,
    "show_tooltip": true,
    "tooltip_duration": 1200,
    "young_card_ivl": 99999999

if you copy this and paste it in rememorize_btn's config, it’ll add 3 buttons to new cards and the number of buttons for other cards (learn, re-learn, review) will be the default number and won’t chnge.

Thanks so much for getting back to me. Apologies in advance, but I’m completely useless with IT stuff (it took me months to get the hang of Anki when I started using it in back in 2013!).

So I already had the add-on titled “Rememorizer Rescheduler with Sibling and logging v140” and went into the “config” section. The following was in the box:

“automatic_mode”: false,
“browser”: {
“replace_brower_reposition”: false,
“replace_brower_reschedule”: false,
“skip_new_card_types_on_reposition”: false
“bury_siblings”: false,
“change_due_grad_new_card”: true,
“default_days_on_ask”: 7,
“ef_hotkey”: “Ctrl+Shift+M”,
“fg_hotkey”: null,
“forget_siblings”: false,
“fuzz_days”: true,
“fuzz_dues”: false,
“hotkey”: “Ctrl+M”,
“menu_name”: “&Study”,
“reschedule_sibling”: false,
“reschedule_siblings_on_again”: true,
“revlog_rescheduled”: true,
“sibling_boundary”: 365,
“sibling_days_max”: 20,
“sibling_days_min”: 7

I couldn’t see anything that specifically referred to “rememorize btn” so I tried deleting everything and replacing with the above. Closed out of Anki and went back in but no change.

I then searched around for an add-on that was specifically titled “rememorize button” but only one close I could find was “More Answer Buttons” with code 1550991760 but that hasn’t worked either.

Sorry but I’m completely at a loss.

  1. download this file and double click on it

  2. select yes in the dialog

  3. restart anki

  4. go to Tools -> Add-ons and find Rememorize Buttons there

  5. open config for that add-on

  6. copy the config that i gave you in this post and paste it into the add-on’s config [1]

  7. restart anki

[1] your add-on’s config should look like this

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I don’t know what any of that meant . . . but it worked! Thank you so much! I tried changing ```
“New4x”, “400” to “1000” as an example and it increased the review interval so this is even better than my old add-on which I don’t think allowed me to change the intervals.

I really appreciate all your help.