Anki 24.06 Release Candidate

Hi all,

A new RC is available. Please let us know how you go:


Issue with space character insertion lag seems to be fixed. Will let it run for a few hours before believing it though.


I have found an issue though with keyboard shortcuts.

I often use Ctrl-D to change the deck of cards, then immediately Ctrl-Shift-S to change their position. While the Ctrl-D still works the Ctrl-Shift-S does not work immediately anymore, and I need to press it several times for the box to come up.

Version ⁨24.06 (c4cd8808)⁩
Python 3.9.18 Qt 5.15.2 PyQt 5.15.5


The following bug persists in this release:

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The globe symbol in Deck Options looks different now and, thus, fails to convey its meaning.



I agree. Tbf, the previous globe wasn’t the most obvious way to convey “global setting” either, but it was definitely better than this.


I noticed a regression: Cloze deletion of a word removes formatting (eg. bold font or underline)

Ok I just saw the commit: Revert "Revert "Revert "Preserve HTML formatting inside clozes (#3038… · ankitects/anki@f639c36 · GitHub

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The beta testing section redirects not to the right website.

The right link is Beta Testing - Anki Forums

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I am not sure that “paste without shift key” options works anymore. Its very annoying to edit a card to find all this “div” tags in the back content after pasting something in from a website. And I don’t think it was this .06 release that caused the problem.

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While reviewing cards, If I undo a review (CTRL + Z) there is a little period of time (until the “Answer Card undone” disappears) before i can rate the card again (through pressing Enter or Space bar) but pressing the “Show Answer” button works as intended.

  • Show review count for Evaluate/Optimize button by @abdnh in #3170

This doesn’t show up always. I saw it a few times initially, but I can’t see it on subsequent tries.

Edit: Dae applied the changes again after my comment and the videos can be uploaded now.

By the way, @dae, I still can’t upload screen recording (mp4) on the forum even if the file size is less than 512 kB. I still get the following message:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp, avif).


The previously used :globe_with_meridians: is a Unicode symbol and had to go because its look depends on the available system fonts and it can’t be styled to fit with Anki’s theme.

We could replace it with a more similar SVG icon, but the grid one usually represents the internet or networks. The earth icon seemed less amibiguous for representing global.

In fact, I think very few users will be able to guess the meaning from just looking at any icon. So I’ve added a tooltip and chose a more distinct icon that is less likely to appear in other contexts.


But the new icon is even worse at conveying the “global” meaning.


When the “1 card buried” or “Card was a leech” or “Answer card undone” message appears on the screen, Enter stops working while the message is visible. Normally, Enter can be used to show answer, but in this version I have to wait for the message to disappear to be able to use Enter again.
This is probably the most oddly specific issue I’ve ever encountered.

Version ⁨24.06 (c4cd8808)⁩
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1
Windows 10

EDIT: it’s not specific to Enter, I can’t use any keyboard shortcuts while the yellow window is visible.


Unless you offer reasons or alternatives this is hardly actionable feedback.


That sounds like a good idea.

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Huh. I always thought that the :globe_with_meridians: icon meant a link to somewhere, but I never clicked to confirm.

The new Earth icon doesn’t bother me. But it is odd to have “global settings” scattered among deck-specific changes.


A couple of issues with Image Occlusion:

  1. On 24.6 rc1, in the Add window, if you toggle the mask editor (either via the button or Ctrl+Shift+M), all the masks will be deleted. This does not occur on 24.4.2.

  2. Go to the Add window, select or paste an image, do not create any image occlusion masks, then click on add. Anki will notify you that it was “Unable to add”, and the selected/pasted image will disappear, so the user will have to input it again. IMHO, it would make more sense if Anki waited for the addition to be successful before returning to the “Select or paste an image” screen.
    This also occurs on 24.4.2.

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Someone suggested having a separate section for all global settings, but I think it would create more confusion:

  1. Some daily limits settings would be under “Daily Limits” and some under “Global Settings”
  2. FSRS toggle would not be under FSRS
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Deck options could have some design improvements IMO. Everytime I need to tweak a setting and open that screen, I’m bombarded with 10 sections that looks like a control panel and 35 text settings that look the same, so I need to read a lot before I find what I want.

For now, I agree that adding a Global options control panel section wouldn’t help.

But since I’m not pushing any PRs or sending any designs to change that at the moment, my two cents are worthless anyway.