Anki 24.06 Release Candidate

This has both a plus and a minus. It is easy for beginners to take a screenshot so that they can be helped with the settings.
There is also no need to explain where the setting is when you help someone.


Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was the only one! Moving away from that is definitely a good idea.


The grid globe icon conjures the internet or network whereas the relatively concrete globe icon conjures the real global world. Ideally moving away from both would be better. Some effort to look for alternatives may be somewhat meaningful.

Considering it now has the helpful tooltip (thanks to @Rumo), it might be sufficient to just place an unique and versatile annotation mark that represents “something special”.
Or, for example, “multiple-select”, “select all”, “entire Anki”, or any…


The current globe doesn’t even look like a globe, and more like a blob. It’s hard for me to tell that it’s supposed to be the Earth.
The Anki star doesn’t convey the “global” meaning. Honestly, if the network globe is gone, I have no clue what icon would be good. The network globe was as good as it gets IMO.

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If I chose between the two, I would vote for the grid globe, too. It is more abstractly global (less geographically global), so it is allowed more flexible interpretation, in my opinion.

That said, the concerns mentioned about the grid globe also seem to be hard to underestimate.

In fact, I think very few users will be able to guess the meaning from just looking at any icon. So I’ve added a tooltip and chose a more distinct icon that is less likely to appear in other contexts.
Anki 24.06 Release Candidate - #12 by Rumo

I agree with the opinion, too.

Another example of alternatives: “share with entire group”


This might be the first time I wish Discourse had a dislike button. Let’s just say that when it comes to removing the grid globe icon, I disagree about as strongly as I can disagree on anything related to UI.


I agree. The following pages also mostly suggest a modified grid globe icon for a global setting.


I like these two

  1. image
  2. image
    I guess it’s democracy time again
  • Image 1 (globe inside a larger cogwheel)
  • Image 2 (globe with a small cogwheel)
  • The current Earth-like globe in 24.06 beta
  • Other
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I hear you! I was disagreeing with you too. :wink:

As you can see – despite how strongly as you feel about it – that icon was confusing/misleading to some other users.

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Well, feel free to vote for whichever option you prefer.

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Version 24.06 (c4cd8808)
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1
Windows 10, no add-ons.

In the Reviewer, when a user action triggers a pop-up (e.g., by burying/suspending/deleting a card), all keyboard shortcuts stop working until the pop-up disappears. This does not occur on version 24.04.2 beta1.

Edit: The same also applies to the Deck Browser.


I have encountered the same issue

Not just every icon is suitable. It must be SVG, monochrome, have the right level of detail for its designated size and a permissible license. Ideally, it’s from a library Anki already uses.

Always fascinating to see which small changes spark such vivid discussions. :slight_smile:


In the ”Reviews” chart in Statistics, with the period set to “1 year,” the oldest period is now “361–364 days ago” (a four-day period), while all the other periods are five-day periods. This is a regression since Anki 24.04, possibly related to Fix '366 of 365 days studied' by abdnh · Pull Request #3182 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

I agree the Earth globe is not easily recognizable at first sight.

So maybe a text label would be more suitable, something like “all decks” or “global”, instead of an icon. It’d be clearer, for sure.

I think there was a discussion where it was decided an icon was the better option, but I can’t find it now, not sure which were the cons. In any case, maybe the decision should be revisited.

If you hover your mouse over the icon, it says “Affects the entire collection”

I like the 2nd option honestly. I voted for the 1st one only because I hate to see the blue color in my settings. IMO it should be black. Doesn’t blue look horrible there?

@dae Very minor thing. In the deck options Wait for Audio’s tool tip doesn’t have the punctuation marks. I don’t know if this was corrected.

I’ll revert the change that I suspect has caused this.

Fixed, thanks.

I must not have saved the changes. Please try again.

@krmanik if you have a chance, would you mind looking into this?

Thanks, I’ve made a note of this.


@krmanik if you have a chance, would you mind looking into this?

I will push the fix.

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