Anki 24.04.1 RC

Hi all,

A release candidate for 24.04.1 is now available. Please give it a try:

If no issues are discovered, this is expected to become the next stable release in a day or two.


The rounding issue appears to be fixed.

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This feature is still missing or maybe I can’t figure out how to activate it.
Image Occlusion Back template to have translucent boxes - #30 by krmanik @krmanik

Yes this seems to be missing

The PR is merged highlight io shapes in answer side by krmanik · Pull Request #3098 · ankitects/anki · GitHub, but I also don’t know, wait for dae to reply.

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I want to get .1 out quickly to fix the crashes, so the new features have been held back for a following update.

When will the next big update come out?

Mr. Damien @dae you and your team have done a great job with Anki. But as a consumer of your product I have a request and I hope you’ll take this in a constructive manner. This is regarding the small highlighting rectangle box for IO.

As a practising surgeon for the past 32 years, I had been compiling my work in the traditional manner in digital space but lately I’ve been making transition to more innovative arenas such as Anki for higher retention on my Mac and iPad (making cards on Mac and reviewing on iPad). By far cloze deletions are my favourite be it the text one or image occlusions. Text cloze deletions are working flawlessly but a significant portion of my cards are IO based and in each image I have several clozes as groups. Sometimes a substantial amount of my time and effort is wasted to figure out the exact clozes spread throughout the image when revealing the answers. It’s just frustrating.

I know you’ve withheld addition of new features for this update and a feature is a feature but this rectangle box turns out to be a bare necessity. You’re about to have a stable release and again waiting for the whole development cycle to be completed for this feature seems to be a long drag for such a minute change. It’s a few more weeks filled with agony.

In my long career I’ve learned that a few exceptions shall be made when a need arises. I hope you’ll review my request with some compassion.

Thank you.

Although we went from 23.12.1 directly to 24.04, there’s no reason why 24.04.1 can’t be followed by a 24.04.2 version. If the fix is available, I don’t think you’ll wait months for it.

However, the release notes for 24.04.1rc1 do say “Image occlusion fixes, thanks to krmanik and abdnh”. This should be updated if it is not in fact included.

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The checksum file does not include instructions on how to verify the signature and the SHA256 checksums. Like the files for 2.1.15-24.04, it still incorrectly says “Hash: SHA512”.

The same thing was said by a user on the original post about the feature being included in 24.04.1 -

With that said, I don’t see any reason why a change like this couldn’t land in a point update (e.g. 24.04.1), and I’m sure that’s what @dae meant.

And it’s sad that @dae himself won’t clarify the matter on either occasion. Show mercy on an old man and include that feature. Please.

24.04.1 has been released as stable today. If you have any issues with it, please report them on a new ticket.

.1 contains a few different bugfixes for image occlusion, and that’s what that line is talking about. The transparent masks are a new feature, not a bugfix.

A .2 beta is likely to follow in the next day or or so, and the transparent masks feature will be in it.

Thanks, fixed.

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