Anki 24.04.2 Beta

It’s with Apple for review now, so hopefully should become available in 24 hours.

Do you mean the overview screen, between the deck list and study screen? Or are you talking about something shown by an add-on?


Reproduction steps:

  • Enable Dark mode
  • In the Browser, open the card info of a card.
  • While the card info is still open, click another card in the Browser.

Result: The card info page has a white background instead of grey.

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In the deck list, there are available red cards in the main deck and its subdecks, but on the overview screen, they are only available in the subdecks.

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That’s expected, as the deck you choose influences how cards are gathered, and how the limits are applied.

When I optimize all presets, there are 2 visual bugs:

  1. The bar is sometimes monochrome and sometimes striped
  2. It often shows “0% of 0 reviews”, multiple times


I noticed that Ctrl + Z does not Undo the Cloze action

Also Ctrl + Z does not undo styling modifications, instead it just removes the typed text.

The History button does not become active

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I update FSRS weights once a month.
And now I’m getting this new message: “The FSRS parameters currently appear to be optimal.”

So I have to clear the weights field to calculate new values.
And they change the schedule quite a bit.
Even though they are rated worse, I like the new values more.
I would like to disable this new message. So that I don’t have to clear the field every time.

0.4045 4.70%
0.2365, 0.3848, 0.7989, 10.9355, 5.1299, 1.0362, 1.1925, 0.0002, 1.5126, 0.1308, 0.9003, 2.1202, 0.0729, 0.3288, 1.4985, 0.0271, 3.3412

0.4070 5.17%
0.2376, 0.3846, 0.7918, 1.2815, 5.2301, 0.7785, 1.1608, 0.0000, 1.5096, 0.1679, 0.8965, 2.1570, 0.1061, 0.3599, 1.5261, 0.0194, 3.1478

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There is no way to disable it. I don’t advise you or anyone else to fiddle with parameters like that.

Completely unrelated, but @dae, is this issue even active? The release is called 24.04.2, yet it’s already May. And you haven’t commented here in 12 days.

It became apparent after the beta was released that more time would be needed to sort out the issues introduced with the SvelteKit migration. When a new beta is ready, I will publish it with an updated version number. The number is not final until a stable release is published.


If it’s not beta-specific, it doesn’t belong here.

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