Anki 2.1.62 Beta / Release Candidate

Hi all,

2.1.62beta1 is now available for testing: Changes in 2.1.62 - Anki Betas


I recently saw that image occlusion (pull request #2367) got merged into the Anki code on GitHub. However, I don’t see it anywhere in 2.1.62 beta 1. Is this normal?

Thanks for the beta!

Windows 10 qt6.5, no add-ons.

This version’s reviewer seems a bit slower at loading cards with complex styling (in particular those with a background-image, it seems). E.g. my Domino Chinese cards have a noticeable lag compared to 2.1.61

AMBOSS addon is causing the whole Anki to crash down after update.

Image occlusion doesn’t have a UI in the editor yet. It needs to be accessed as a separate web page in a browser. The reason it was already merged like this is that other clients (AnkiMobile/AnkiDroid) can already start integrating the feature.


Hi @Spartandrew18 this is Daniele from the Anki team @ AMBOSS, thank you for the report. We identified an issue with our latest version of the AMBOSS add-on which is causing a segmentation fault error with Qt6.5 that gets included in this Anki beta and it causing Anki to crash. We are working on a fix on our side.


Yes, the same on my side, and : editing / scrolling are also less responsive.

I am able to use the Qt6 version for the first time on Anki for macOS (12.6.5). The constant flickering from earlier versions with Qt6 is gone. I have no performance issues (except the lagging edit view in browser view when selecting the first note in a session; an issue that has been there with Qt5 as well and was introduced in 2.1.50, if I remember correctly).

You both appear to be Windows users. Are there any other Windows users who have found this build to be an improvement or at least the same as 2.1.61? If not, we may be best off reverting the Windows build to 6.4 for now.

I’d like to make some tweaks to the way the notetypes are created before declaring this ready for use, which is another reason why it’s hidden away at the moment.

Mine was pretty laggy after this beta release. I use windows 11

Unfortunately, I’ve upgraded from 2.1.60 (and don’t have the time to do more testing now), so this isn’t a direct comparison.

The beta seems a solid improvement to me. 2.1.62 is very snappy on Windows 10 Pro (build 19045.2728). My cards have loads of JS and the occasional image and I’ve found no issues so far. Also, so far the frequent crashes in 2.1.60 appear to be fixed - though I could never quite pinpoint what had triggered those.

I use pretty simple templates, but 2.1.62 qt6 is running just fine on my Windows 10 machine.

Will it be available in 2.1.62 official release or it’s going to take longer?

Probably longer, as it still needs to be integrated into the editor, and Mani is fairly busy at the moment. .62 will likely be a small update mainly focused on the Qt upgrade.

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Getting this error on ubuntu 23.04
Qt warning: Could not connect “org.freedesktop.IBus” to globalEngineChanged(QString)

[ubuntu] Potential IBUS Problem < possible solution?

Qt warning: Could not connect “org.freedesktop.IBus” to globalEngineChanged(QString)

  • second this, but running fedora 38.

Also, forcing Anki to run in Wayland messes up font scaling. Running Fedora 38 with gnome and 125% fractional scaling. This was working in previous QT6 versions on Wayland:

Running in XWayland seems fine (apart from the general blurriness), but that’s not Ankis fault.

Also, for anyone interested, the missing package managed on the changelog can be installed via

sudo dnf install xcb-util-cursor

on Fedora.

Does input break, or is it just a warning?

It displays correctly on Sway/Wayland for me. I wonder if it’s a Gnome thing, a fractional scaling thing, or something else.

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It displays correctly on Sway/Wayland for me. I wonder if it’s a Gnome thing, a fractional scaling thing, or something else.

100% scaling works fine, so I suppose its related to fractional scaling. I believe there have been changes to fractional scaling in both QT and Gnome recently, so it might be harder to pinpoint the issue. Maybe someone on KDE Wayland with fractional scaling can chime in.

Just warning on console. Sorry for not explaining that.

Hi all,

A release candidate is now available. If no issues are found, this is expected to be released as stable in a few days.