Anki 2.1.26 -- can not start

Three days ago, I got the latest stable release 2.1.26.
My previous version was 2.1.22.

It worked for 2 days. On day-3, this error occurred:

[Window Title] anki.exe
anki.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
[Close program]

I tried to start without add-ons, the message did not change;
but the List of available to download add-ons popped up in background.

  • Should i try the spare profile ?
  • or import the backup - and not mess with Templates and Note_Types for a while observing the process ( to see exactly where Anki breaks )?
  • or Downgrade and quit. Can I try the same .26 version again?

Thank you for the support!

The latest stable version is 2.1.35. Have you tried it?

I would rather not go to .35 – too many add-ons involved in my workflows will not be up-to-date. I ‘suffer’ enough with “Advanced Browser” not working.
On the other hand, i would like to see the latest numerous Anki improvements and then – use 1.26 … which stopped working for me.

I tried the .35 version – got the same error message.
Then, i tried the Spare profile – got the same message.

  • after clicking "Download and quit "
  • Selected the primary profile ( the one i use for learning ) - the same message.

Restarted my laptop - no luck.

November-21. Still no answer from anyone.
While searching for help, stumbled upon the Windows crash log in Anki2 directory. Hoping it will help you to find the culprit ?

Windows fatal exception: code 0x8001010d

Thread 0x00002a54 (most recent call first):
File “”, line 314 in _select
File “”, line 323 in select
File “”, line 236 in serve_forever
File “aqt\”, line 60 in run
File “”, line 916 in _bootstrap_inner
File “”, line 884 in _bootstrap

… this file is large - about 500 lines .

Your suggestion is marked as “Solved” – but it is not.
I tried a few more attempts; one of them is Microsoft Crash log"; there are references to .py files. Can you look at the file ? Any other suggestions ?

It doesn’t look marked as solved to me?

Unfortunately the crash log is not very informative. If you’re getting crashes even with add-ons disabled on the latest Anki version, the two things I’d suggest you try are changing the video driver (, and checking other software on your machine (antivirus, utilities that run in the background)

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After I typed

echo auto > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver

there was no response – as shown here -->

That is normal, but the set driver will be used when you then start Anki. If it doesn’t help, please shut down, and try ‘angle’ instead.

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It works !!
After updating the driver with the ‘angle’ option, i started Anki; got the Users screen but
instead of clicking on the user Vit, as i did before, i clicked on “Get Backup”. And it worked. I did my reviews; added a test card; edited a Note_Type. All seems OK.

Thanks a lot !

Glad to hear that sorted it!